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the Saffron Solution: A Healthcare Services Technology Company

Back Story

When some members of the Saffron Solution leadership team were working at a medical practice, they faced rising costs, lower US-based staff productivity, quiet quitting, staff churn, and poor attitude.

With rising expenses, lower reimbursements from insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry raising prices on medical products, an overworked as well as challenged front and back office operations staff, and a lack of a technology stack – change was imminent.

In less than 14 months, critical changes had produced stellar results. And, with only the most necessary US-based staff, a solid new technology and marketing stack, data-driven decision-making, and a multilingual India-based HIPAA-certified staff things turned around. Also, we added affordable marketing, and technology solutions, and the practice increased revenue by millions and lowered costs by several hundred thousand dollars.


  • There was now a global team.
  • The India-based multilingual team was effectively communicating in Spanish and English with patients and referring providers.
  • US-based staff morale was at an all-time high.
  • There was less burnout within the US-based staff. At long last they had support and not overwhelmed.
  • Work-life harmony was appreciated.
  • Collaboration and solution literacy was made a priority among the global team..
  • The new global team was effectively using technology.
  • Engagement with referring providers and patients was profoundly deeper.
  • Cash flow had significantly improved.
  • Staff productivity was at an all-time high.

What did we learn?

What was most satisfying about this change management story was that we had trained, mentored, as well as changed the family tree of so many talented, hard-working, dedicated, multilingual Indians.

Additionally, injecting the happiness quotient into the lives of the burned-out, stressed-out, frustrated US-based staff was tremendously satisfying.

That is when the Saffron Solution founding team decided it was time to commit to a higher purpose in life.


Goal 2025

the Saffron Solution team’s Goal 2025 is to hire and train 1000 talented, multilingual (English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian), HIPAA-certified Indians in the sub-continent. And, our goals will be to focus on mentoring the youth on high performance, operations excellence, forward-thinking digital solutions, to forever change their family tree in addition to giving the team and their families excellent medical and retirement benefits.

the Saffron Solution team is also committed to serving the medical community in the United States by improving the lives of thousands of staff who work tirelessly to inject work-life harmony and mentor them in solution, collaboration, and digital literacy.

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