Increase Bottom Line Revenue
Using our all-in-one HIPAA-compliant tech stack and operations team,
increase productivity and boost revenue
ASCRS 2024
April 5-8, 2024
Booth 2277
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What Makes the Saffron Solution One Of Its Kind In The US?

All-In-One Tech Stack

Other than your EHR/PM system you probably may never need any other software application.

Powerful HIPAA-compliant CRM

There probably is no other custom HIPAA-compliant CRM ever built for medical practices in the world. And, we integrate with your favorite EHR/PM system.

Referring Provider Management

How do you engage with your referring ODs and PCPs? Ah! Don’t have a real strategy or custom application, do you? We do!

Help Desk Management

Do you have that funny feeling in your stomach that you don’t know what’s granularly going on with your practice? With the Saffron Solution, you will!

Dedicated Multilingual Operations Team

A HIPAA-certified multilingual operations team is dedicated to supercharge your practice. Service unlike anything you have experienced before.

Dedicated Operations Manager

If you ever dreamed of an operations guru who runs the team like a supremely crafted Swiss watch – your dreams have just come true! Ask our clients!

Aesthetics Management

You may have an aesthetics practice as an ophthalomologist, but, don’t know how to optimize operations, patient engagement, and maximize revenue? Our solution does that for you!

Surgery Management

Whether its your office-based surgery or an ambulatory surgery center, you show up for ten surgeries, but, end up performing only four! What happened? We know. And, we have the solution for it.

No Cost Website, Really!

So, you paid thousands of dollars for a website! It’s like buying a car with no engine. As an ophthalmologist, you need a high-performance car, a higher performance engine, and a chauffer. We do it all for you!

No Cost, HIPAA-Chat!

The person who sold you a website, sold you a chatbot, too! We get it! But, is it HIPAA-compliant? And, does it have utility that conclusively shows you it solves a real-world problem and generates revenue for your practice? Probably not!

Reactivate Patients Like Never Before!

Have you calculated the costs associated with not reactivating your patients? How do we know that? Because, we produce results! Unlike other companies, we don’t charge for reactivating your patients. So, what’s the secret sauce? Visit us at booth 2277. We are across from the Nextech booth.

All-In-One Tech Stack

Other than your EHR/PM system you probably may never need any other software application.

Social Media Management

The person or company that built your website promised you two social media posts a month. And…? That’s not how we do it. An entire social media calendar is dedicated to daily posts. And, we have the data to show you! It’s our amazing tech stack and even more amazing team behind the scenes.

Event Management

You have always wanted to engage with new and current patients but, didn’t really know how to be the star of your own show. Now you can be the star of your own show. Let us show you how. Stop by booth 2277.

Inventory Management

Ophthalmology clinics spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on inventory. Yet, have no idea where all that money is going. Well, with the Saffron Solution, you will know exactly where your money is going…

The Story Has Just Begun..!

Is this too good to be true? Has the Saffron Solution really cracked the code? You don’t have to believe what you are reading here. But, you can stop by booth 2277 and see for yourself. And, then talk to our current clients.