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40+ Custom No Cost apps
Integrated to Charmhealth EHR

We turbo-charge your Charmhealth EHR at zero-cost custom integration to no-cost 40+ apps that are aimed at decreasing your operational costs, improving productivity, increasing the happiness quotient of your current staff, and increasing bottom-line revenue.


Dr. Park, MD

OB/GYN including HRT

25+years experience

What Makes Us Different?

No fine print. No surprises. No bait and switch.

Our highly specialized HIPAA-certified team, turbo-charged with our NO COST HIPAA-compliant technology stack, is the only company in the United States that provides white glove concierge end-to-end cost-effective solution that is hyper-focussed on patient engagement and retention, referring provider engagement, surgery scheduling, and prescription management solutions.

We are disruptors in the healthcare technology and service management space. 

I already have an EHR and a practice management application. Isn’t that enough?


Any technology that is combined to facilitate your medical practice operations is a tech stack. 

But, does it do the job? 

Your EHR (or paper charts) is designed to capture medical data and a plan along with generating a super bill for export to your practice management application to present it through your billers to the insurance company. And, yet your PM application will also schedule appointments. 

the Saffron Solution tech stack of over 40+ applications are integrated seamlessly with your EHR/PM application so that every contact point with. your patient, referring provider network and surgery scheduling is captured so that your medical practice is turbo-charged to run optimally. 

We want to earn your business if you desire change!

The outlier believes in taking care of their own health and infusing massive doses of happiness into the lives of their medical staff.

We are on a mission to only work with outliers in the medical world.

the Saffron Solution is driven by not just adding years to  lives but, adding life to years.

Yours and ours!

How do we do it?

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As a small and medium practice owner you have been sold many products and services over the years!

  • Life has changed post-pandemic.
  • The medical office staff is burned out.

With inflation raging like a California wildfire, and lowering reimbursements, how close have you coming to burning out yourself?

How many times have you asked yourself, did I go to medical school to deal with the everyday machinations that suck the energy right of me?

How do we know?

We have seen it. We have run operations for medical practices.

We understand your pain points.

So, we decided to get into the business of affordable solutions using the most robust, and no-cost technology stack with white glove concierge service that decreases costs and increases medical practice revenue.

And, importantly we add massive amounts of happiness dose to you and your staff.

Don’t believe it?

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Physician Burnout

Hello happiness! Say goodbye to worrying about every single detail about your practice, personal brand name and whether a patient slammed on your social media due to an operational gap in your organization..

Now you can focus on being a physician and not having to panic about quiet quitting, staff churn, lack of timely decision-making, opportunity costs, and cash flow problems.

Turbo-charge your practice with the most-cost effective solution in the market

How are We Doing?


Dr. Park, MD


Dr. Amr Kouchouk, MD


Dr. Kouchouk, MD


Pain Management Doctor


Dr. Shah, MD

Pain Medicine

Dr. Pam Theriot, OD


Dr. Theriot, OD

Medical Optometrist

White Glove Concierge Service


We Speak Your Language

Chinese, Korean, Spanish, English, Tagalog, French, Arabic, German, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Farsi, Armenian, Norwegian, Russian, and more...


Reactivate Lost Patients

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Referring Provider App

Engage with. your referring providers through an encrypted app. Point. Click. Send. Referring Providers log in and view co-management history and their patient records.


HIPAA tech stack

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Our Providers & Their Staff are Happy

“I cannot believe that my 81 year old mother no longer has to deal with the front office dropping the ball with prescription refills! Amazing!"

"I have been looking for a real referring provider app and solution for years. Finally - something that works and make my life easier. Did I say that they have cracked the co-management puzzle too?"

"When they say white glove - they mean white glove concierge service. And, the seamless integration with Charmhealth knocked me off my feet"

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