the Saffron Solution dedicates a HIPAA-certified multilingual team to increase your revenue with patient reactivation, recalls, reminders, no shows/canceled patients, in addition to missed and abandoned calls. Click here to learn more…

Medical practices require a technology staff that is simple, efficient, enhances productivity, promotes collaboration, and increases transparency. See how our affordable technology stack solutions engage your team in ways never been seen before, including surgery scheduling Kanban customized solutions.

the Saffron Solution believes that as we help you build an ecosystem that reduces your expenses, increases your bottomline revenue, and allows practice owners to return to peace of mind to practice their science and craft, engagement with your referring provider network is crucial to your overall success. Click here to learn more how we can help you…

We are passionate about bringing data science and technology with brand building and multilingual design to create digital strategies and grow medical practices. Click here to learn more…


the Saffron Solution team has helped ophthalmology practitioners reduce costs, increase revenue, improve efficiency and productivity. Schedule a 30-minute consultation.

your virtual front office

reactivation. reminders. recalls.
dedicated multilingual staff that can speak fluent English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and other languages.


Bring your patients back with an affordable dedicated multilingual patient reactivation team. Find out all the things the Saffron Solution team can do for your practice so that you can get back to being a full-time specialist.


the Saffron Solution team focuses on creating a happy high performance global team. We do that by adding a global HIPAA-certified affordable multilingual team that works closely with your existing staff.

Our experience tells us that our data-driven actionable intelligence, along with operational excellence, has helped reduce the stress of US-based front office staff and add a high dose of work-life harmony.