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Data Analysis And Intelligence states, “The most common use of health data analysis is to gain insights about patients. Who they are, what habits they cultivate, and what procedures they have done in the past are information that can assist in diagnosis and treatment and, therefore, relevant to the analysis of health data.”

Likewise, the Saffron Solution data analysts study weekly, monthly, and annual data points from various sources like electronic health record  (EHR), and practice management systems.

How the Saffron Solution Works:

Our data analysts use complex tools like Microsoft Power BI for analyzing and visualizing the findings. These data points are also discussed with the practice administrators and owners for implementing an operational strategy using actionable intelligence. Furthermore, changes to the operational strategy are made every week because the data is being re-analyzed by our team members. 

The following graph is an example of the Saffron Solution team’s work using various data points to increase revenue through reactivation

the Saffron Solution - Revenue Growth Through Reactivation

Revenue Growth: Reactivation and Data Analysis

Proactive decision-making

We believe that regular data analyses lead to proactive decision-making for successful results.

According to edureka, “A survey by Deloitte, Technology in the Mid-Market; Perspectives and Priorities, reports that executives clearly see the value of analytics. Based on the survey, 65.2% of respondents are using some form of analytics that is helping their business needs.”

the Saffron Solution - How Data Helps Make Better Decisions


the Saffron Solution combines data science and technology to create digital strategies and multilingual designs to grow medical practices. Based on data analysis, we create a continuous improvement, agile, lifelong learning environment for our team to foster growth.


We conduct regular patient funnel analyses to measure success and what the team needs to do to meet the key performance indicators (KPI). Additionally, it helps us interpret the gaps in operational implementation top, middle, and bottom of the funnel and make necessary adjustments.

the Saffron Solution - Patient Funnel Chart Example in Microsoft Power BI

the Saffron Solution is all about optimizing resources. Technology increases transparency, accountability, and bottom-line performance with on-ground sales personnel. In addition, who is engaged with increasing the number of referring providers? These data points are then integrated with a CRM for one engagement ecosystem.

the Saffron Solution - Referring Provider Offline Engagement Optimization

Continuous improvement is the key to success. Nevertheless, we monitor the performance of the dedicated HIPPA Certified team and provide guidance to ensure the practice’s values and mission are held in high regard with a focus on brand building.

the Saffron Solution - Call Analysis by Operations Manager

the Saffron Solution - data analysts