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Your Practice: Your Dedicated Multilingual HIPAA-Certified Team.

According to Ken Zwerdling in his LinkedIn writeup titled, The Value of Multilingual Medical Staff in the Healthcare Service Industry – “There are times when healthcare service providers encounter problems associated with patients of limited English proficiency (LEP).”


A diverse country is built on the strength of immigrants. And America today begs for a multilingual medical workforce that can communicate effectively with patients and staff of referring providers.

the Saffron Solution dedicates a multilingual team for every medical practice. For being focused on customizing its solutions.

Watch one of the Saffron Solution English and Spanish-speaking Patient/Referring Provider Engagement Officers. 

the Saffron Solution - Spanish & English

Our experience in the medical services business confirms that patients feel a personal connection with practices while interacting with staff that is conversant in their native language. Moreover, patients feel more connected.

the Saffron Solution team actively promotes cross-cultural collaboration and interaction and rigorous training that encourages empathy and emotional intelligence toward diverse cultures and age groups. Because this enhances the practice’s revenue.


  • Encourages cross-cultural communication
  • Promotes patient empathy
  • Generates cultural sensitivity
  • Gain patient confidence and builds trust
Bilingual employees open up new revenue streams and help a company assist their current customers more effectively.”

the Saffron Solution - Dedicated Multilingual HIPAA certified team.

Image Courtesy: Simplybook


the Saffron Solution leadership has a robust technology stack that ensures that Protected Health Information (PHI) is preserved in an encrypted and safe ecosystem. Additionally,

the Saffron Solution team members have been given the following:

  • Encrypted computers
  • Cloud-based technologies
  • Zero ability to export, email, save or upload any PHI
  • Additional security through a dedicated HIPAA-certified staff
  • Enforceable non-disclosure agreements
  • Thorough background checks and verification with local security agencies confirm confidentiality and security



the Saffron Solution Senior Operations & Technology Manager, Surbhi Mehta, and her team must undergo HIPAA certification. furthermore, this certification requires a passing grade of at least 70% for her direct reports to work for the Saffron Solution team. 

Moreover, two certifications must be completed for the Saffron Solution multilingual team who directly interacts with patients in the United States and cloud technologies.

  • HIPAA Awareness Training for Business Associates

HIPAA Awareness Training Certificate for Business Associates

  • HIPAA Security Certificate