Defining Tech Stacks For Medical Practices

A medical practice in the United States has many operational moving parts. Enough to distract the medical practice owner from practicing medicine and engaging with patients. Moreover, being drawn into side conversations with external and internal stakeholders. 

The US Healthcare practice problem statement

So, you have hired a part-time technology geek or a private business to handle your local area network (LAN) inside your office and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Spectrum, AT&T, or Comcast for wifi or Internet services. 

The ISP has made you comfortable by adding a firewall device for a monthly fee to protect you from any malware and other malicious attacks over the internet and provide you VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services. 

Add to that your cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) system, and you are all set!

Are you? 

What is a Tech-Stack?

A Tech-stack is a group of technologies that can enable medical practices to increase productivity, encourage transparency, and promote accountability. Furthermore, decrease costs, improve efficiency, engage with external and internal stakeholders, and significantly increase revenue and net profits. 

There are thousands of technology applications in the market today. So, what should the owner or a private equity group do to define its tech stack?

the Saffron Solution team has significant experience in helping a medical practice define and implement a cost-effective tech stack. 

From communication, collaboration, accounting, inventory management, asset management, HIPAA-compliant document management system, and productivity tech stacks. the Saffron Solution has a  deep understanding of the everyday operational needs of medical practices. That improves the work-life balance of the front/back office staff and billing teams. But, importantly, it allows the practice owner/s to focus on patients knowing that their practice is optimized every single week. 

How does a medical practice define a tech stack to enable productivity and decrease costs?