The Saffron Solution believes that good communication, collaboration, and relationship between referring providers’ offices are essential for improving patient care and increasing revenues.

A patient may have had a test result come in, but the referring provider’s office has not communicated the results.

Additionally, regular communication between providers’ offices and staff through human and digital engagement is essential for practice’s brand building. and increasing the network of providers.

the Saffron Solution - Data Cloud Technologies to Connect Referring Providers

We not only encourage provider engagement strategy for practice to patient retention and to patient engagement. Moreover, this engagement can be through word-of-mouth because extensive trust has been established through high-level communication between medical practices.

Practices should have a referral management strategy that retains human contact and uses technology to communicate through a HIPAA-compliant platform.

the Saffron Solution builds a custom cloud solution for practices to engage seamlessly.

According to Sequencehealth, “Patients get referrals to see a specialist from their primary care physician or a doctor at a hospital. Doctors refer patients based on what they feel is necessary, which is how many specialists get the bulk of their patient base.”

the Saffron Solution - co-management solutions

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As per Equipo’s blog: “Referral Management System. ” Referral leakage is a significant problem faced by doctors in the U.S., resulting in millions of lost medical revenues.”

We offer cloud solutions and multilingual dedicated HIPAA-certified solutions to reduce referral leakage and enhance patient care. These reduce the pressure on the front office to juggle referring providers’ offices.