How many patients miss their annual appointments, cleaning, x-rays and more? According to a Delray Beach dentist, post COVID almost 50% patients are missing their appointments.  the Saffron Solution dedicates a HIPAA-certified multilingual team to increase dental practice revenue with patient reactivation, recalls, reminders, no shows/canceled patients, in addition to missed and abandoned calls. Click here to learn more…

Dental practices require a technology stack that is simple, efficient, enhances productivity, promotes collaboration, and increases transparency. See how our affordable technology stack solutions engage your team in ways never been seen before, including surgery scheduling Kanban customized solutions.

So, you have a website and a third party so-called marketing agency that builds hundreds of websites. You are just one number in the numbers game for them. Do they offer a white glove service that allows you to track how. much money you have generated through engagement with potential clients? the Saffron Solution does! Click here to learn more how we can help you…

We are passionate about bringing data science, technology and custom patient engagement solutions with brand building and multilingual design to create digital strategies to grow your dental practice. Click here to learn more…


Orthodontists. Periodontists. Endodontists. Oral-Maxillofacial surgeons. Restorative dentists. General dentistry or any other branch of dentistry. We have you covered. We understand the intense competition, as well as the importance of patient engagement so that your schedule is packed for the day to maximize your ROI. A demo with the Saffron Solution team to learn more how our white glove solutions can help your practice

lost patient reactivation

According to the CDC almost 35% of dental patients do not show up for their annual exam. These are your "lost" patients. So, while you may be looking to increase your patient count by sending our expensive flyers - your lost patients are your lower hanging fruit.
Is your front office staff fully engaged with your patients? Are they responding in the first three telephone rings?
Find out what the Saffron Solution team's affordable dedicated multilingual team can do for your practice.

virtual front office

reactivation. reminders. recalls.
there are many moving parts to a busy dental front office. the Saffron Solution offers an affordable dedicated multilingual staff that can speak fluent English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and other languages.


As the owner of a dental practice, where did your smile go? After all you bring back smiles to the world! With all the moving parts of a busy dental practice and rising costs, wages, benefits, compliance, equipment lease, office rental and more… the Saffron Solution can show how you enhance patient engagement, decrease costs and increase revenue. Schedule a 30-minute consultation


the Saffron Solution team focuses on creating a happy high performance global team. We do that by adding a global HIPAA-certified affordable multilingual team that works closely with your existing staff.

Our experience tells us that our data-driven actionable intelligence, along with operational excellence, has helped reduce the stress of US-based front office staff and add a high dose of work-life harmony.