As the owner of an ob/gyn practice, where did your smile go? After all you bring lives into the world! With all the moving parts of a busy ob/gyn practice,  rising costs, wages, benefits, compliance, equipment lease, office rental and more… the Saffron Solution can show how you enhance patient engagement, decrease costs and increase revenue. Schedule a 30-minute consultation

How many women miss their annual appointments? Cancer..org says “women who skip even one scheduled mammography screening before a breast cancer diagnosis face a significantly higher risk of dying from the cancer.”  the Saffron Solution dedicates a HIPAA-certified multilingual team to increase ob/gyn practice revenue with patient reactivation, recalls, reminders, no shows/canceled patients, in addition to missed and abandoned calls. You need a dedicated team to ensure enhanced patient care. Click here to learn more…

Ob/gyn practices require a technology stack that is simple, efficient, enhances productivity, promotes collaboration, and increases transparency. See how our affordable technology stack solutions engage your patients beyond automated messages that you may be sending out.  Live human engagement makes all the difference. But, the right technologies help you scale fast and engage your patients all year round.

So, you have a website and  a third party so-called marketing agency that builds hundreds of websites. You are just one number in the numbers game for them. Do they offer a white glove service that allows you to track how. much money you have generated through engagement with potential clients? the Saffron Solution does! Click here to learn more how we can help you…

We are passionate about bringing data science, technology and custom patient engagement solutions with brand building and multilingual design to create digital strategies to grow your ob/gyn practice. Click here to learn more…

enhanced patient care

As an ob/gyn physician specialist, and practice owner you are dealing with managing a team of busy front and back office technician staff, inventory management, billing, authorizations/verifications, finance, cash flow, and medical equipment failure, not to mention patient complaints, while having to deal with a broken restroom and the wifi quitting on you just as your team is using the EHR, that is not pushing the superbill into the practice management application. That's a lot for a practice owner/provider to handle in a day.We get it! Our team has experience in running a busy medical practice.We are here to help, so, you can focus your energies on being an ob/gyn specialist.

patient care is paramount

  • mammograms
  • pap smears
  • preventive health
  • prenatal care
  • vaccinations

    Is your front office staff fully engaged with your patients while juggling their daily surmounting tasks?

    Are they responding in the first three telephone rings?

    Find out what the Saffron Solution team's affordable dedicated multilingual team can do for your practice.

  • virtual front office

    reactivation. reminders. recalls.
    there are many fast-moving parts to a busy ob/gyn practice.
    the Saffron Solution offers an affordable dedicated virtual HIPAA-certified multilingual staff that can speak fluent English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian and other languages.
    Our proprietary custom reactivation solution has helped generate millions of dollars for a practice's lost patients.


    the Saffron Solution team focuses on creating a happy high performance global team. We do that by adding a global HIPAA-certified affordable multilingual team that works closely with your existing staff.

    Our experience tells us that our data-driven actionable intelligence, along with operational excellence, has helped reduce the stress of US-based front office staff and add a high dose of work-life harmony.