the Saffron Solution team offers HIPAA-certified, affordable, multilingual virtual office patient and referring provider engagement team and technology solutions with a white glove service that frees you up to do be a physician and therapist.

Dr. Da'Quan Warner, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Warner, MD, is a psychiatrist with a practice in Los Angeles, CA. Post COVID he has most of his meetings over HIPAA-compliant web conferencing. His main focus are patients that beg his attention. He cannot be distracted with the everyday distractions of his practice operations and administration. 

He will need the affordable, HIPAA-certified, multilingual Saffron Solutions patient engagement and referring provider solution to run his operations virtually as well as grow his referring provider network. 

How can the Saffron Solution team help you?

Rising wages! Quiet quitting by staff. Low productivity. Rising benefits costs. Staff burnout. Does a provider focus on. being a physician or an administrator for a psychiatric/psychologist’s practice? the Saffron Solution end-to-end white glove service allows you to grow and manage your practice. All for an affordable monthly cost.