dermatology patient reactivation

Dermatology Practices: Ten Ways to Reactivate Lost Patients

Here are ten ways that the Saffron Solution team has found so that dermatology practices can effectively patient reactivation. However, the key to this 360-degree approach is a multilingual team that can communicate through live patient engagement and Patient Relationship Management (PRM) software that keeps the practice top of mind for the patients. 

Personalized outreach

Reach out to lost patients with personalized messages via email, phone, or direct mail. Address them by name and remind them of their past visits to your practice. A live team must be ready to answer any questions when a patient responds through various channels of communication; email, phone, chat, social media direct messaging, or posts. All of this can be achieved through a customized patient relationship management tool designed by experts at the Saffron Solution. 

Special offers

Offer lost patients a special discount or promotional offer to incentivize them to return to your practice.


Send a regular newsletter with updates, new services, and relevant content to re-engage and patient reactivation. the Saffron Solution white glove service includes end-to-end patient engagement solutions. 

Social media

Utilize social media platforms to connect with lost patients and keep them updated with practice news and events. A good PRM solution should include integration with social media platforms to enhance and manage regular patient engagement. 

Reactivation campaigns

Create targeted patient reactivation campaigns that focus on specific groups of lost patients, such as those who have not visited the practice in the last six months or more, the Saffron Solution team has a best-in-class 360-degree customized approach that includes human patient engagement using data-driven decision-making. We get paid when a patient is reactivated. 

Patient surveys

Conduct patient surveys to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement that may have caused lost patients to leave. the Saffron Solution’s customized patient relationship software is unparalleled in the healthcare industry, including surveys, quizzes, and rich media patient engagement. We are the only company that offers an out-of-the-box end-to-end affordable solution. 

Referral incentives

Offer incentives for lost patients to refer friends and family to your practice. the Saffron Solution’s patient relationship management tool keeps track of referral incentives attached to not just the patient but, also referring providers. 

Follow-up calls

Call lost patients to check in and see if they have any questions or concerns about their past visits. Recalls, reminders, no-shows, and missed and abandoned calls all add up to lost revenue for a practice. the Saffron Solutions’ affordable HIPAA-certified team uses a robust tech stack to engage in multiple languages to increase the show rate. An affordable human engagement using the right tech stack is the key to success. 

Automated appointment reminders

Implement automated reminders to keep patients engaged and reduce the likelihood of missed appointments. A lot of practices use automated appointment reminders! But that is where it ends! Most practices do not have patient engagement software with a 360-degree view of the patient’s engagement with the practice. the Saffron Solution solution involves multilingual human interaction that is tried and tested in addition to automated messaging. 

Patient Education

Offer patient education resources, such as blog posts or webinars, to keep lost patients informed and engaged with the practice. However, our experience tells us that between webinars and handing our academy-approved brochures (that mostly end up the trash or lost) – a robust year-long engagement strategy using our patient relationship management tool is key to increasing not just the show rate but also improving Google, Yelp and other social media reviews. 

Remember that reactivating dermatology lost patients requires a proactive approach and a commitment to personalized human outreach and engagement. Implementing these strategies can help bring lost dermatology patients back into your practice and increase patient retention.