Medical Practice Engage With Patients

5 Ways Medical Practices Can Engage With Patients!

According to Medical Economics, the United States of America spends 20% of its GDP on healthcare. 

“Of the nearly $4 trillion spent on healthcare annually in the United States, administrative spending is about one-quarter of the total; delivery of care is about three-quarters”, according to a study by McKinsey. Additionally, front office workers at medical practices may feel disengaged due to low pay and long working hours. 

That’s a cool 1 trillion dollars. 

So, whose patience is being tested, leading to lower-quality healthcare and disengagement? 


So, what are some things medical practices can do to engage with their patients regularly? 


Medical practices are encouraged to evaluate their tech stack. 

What is a tech stack

This array of technologies goes beyond your wifi connection, EHR (Electronic Health Record), or your PM (practice management) system. 

A local IT geek squad professional may not have business solutions or the operational knowledge of the everyday machinations of running a professional medical practice. Neither might your medical specialty consultant have the technology martech (marketing technology) or business solutions technology (tech stack) expertise to improve staff engagement and collaborative literacy, operational efficiency, Leads tracking software, patient engagement or integrate the right technologies to bring down silos resulting in huge opportunity costs for a medical practice.


Yes, we are deluged with content all around us. 

But targeted, short-form content helps enhance patient engagement and patient retention. Additionally, this helps build the brand value of the medical practice, improve social media reviews, and enhances care for the patient and their families. 


Hundreds of companies offer robocalling! 

Fact: Most of these calls end up being labeled as spam by telecommunications companies. 

Human engagement is key to engaging with customers. Additionally, speak the patients’ language. 

America’s diversity is increasing, and so is its hunger for communicating in various languages. 

Speak the patient’s language. 


The operative words over here are “relationship” and “management.”

Does the front office remember every patient’s birthday? Sure your practice management system can highlight that information. But, with the high cost of labor and quiet quitting in America, can practice afford to hire more front office staff to wish their patients a simple happy birthday? Or to follow up with a call to see how the patient is doing after surgery or even a simple procedure? 

Some tools can help manage these deep relationships with patients. However, the call of the hour is to bring back meaningful patient engagement that adds life to their years, not just years to their life. 

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