Reactivating Patients

Patient Reactivation Importance Explained

Reactivating patients in healthcare practices can have a powerful impact on the patients and the practice. According to Harvard Business Review, “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one”!

Lost Patients

Patients who have not been seen for long also called “lost patients”, can benefit from reactivation efforts by receiving necessary follow-up care. That’s why Patient retention is equally important. This can help to improve their overall health and can also help to prevent serious health issues from worsening.

Reactivating lost patients can also have a positive impact on the practice. It can help increase revenue and patient volume and improve the overall health of the patient population. This can lead to more sustainable practice and help ensure that the practice can provide high-quality patient care.

the Saffron Solution - Patient Care and Engagement

Strategies for patient reactivation

There are several strategies that healthcare practices can use to reactivate lost patients. These include sending out reminders, making calls, patient retention or reaching out to patients through social media.

However, the Saffron Solution team found the most successful way to reactivate patients is with a dedicated multilingual team that uses data to make at least 4-5 attempts before a “lost patient” can be reactivated. Additionally, practices that use their busy front office team may not have enough hours in their busy day to successfully reactivate a patient.

It is important to note that reactivating patients should be done in a respectful and non-intrusive way. Patients should be told the importance of follow-up care and should be allowed to schedule an appointment at their convenient time.

In summary, reactivating patients can have a powerful impact on the patients and the practice. By reaching out to lost patients and encouraging them to return, practices can improve patient health and increase revenue. Therefore, healthcare practices must make an effort to reactivate lost patients in a respectful and non-intrusive way.

the Saffron Solution uses proprietary integrated technology with our dedicated HIPAA-certified multilingual team to reactivate patients. 

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