Patient Reactivation - the Saffron Solution



According to Amanda Le’s LinkedIn writeup, “Patient Reactivation: Strategies, Tips and Best Practices”,

“Losing a patient is costly. While the majority of businesses agree it is cheaper to retain customers than it is to find new ones, only 30 percent deploy effective strategies to win back lost customers.

the Saffron Solution believes that it is crucial to sustain the ones who already have experienced your services and know how your practice actually works. Enrolling new patients is important but retaining the existing or past patients is inevitable.

the Saffron Solution-Success Through Persistent Reactivation Calls

the Saffron Solution-Success Through Persistent Reactivation Calls

Our efforts are not only persistent towards reactivating the patents, but also towards the on-time reminders for patient’s appointments.

360 Degree the Saffron Solution Approach:

  • Consistent 3 efforts for reaching out to reactivate
  • Immediate call back to the call been missed
  • Time strategic 3 calls to the No-Show or Cancelled Patient
  • Defined frequency for reminding patients of their upcoming appointment

the Saffron Solution - Reactivation Attempts 
the Saffron Solution – Reactivation Attempts

the Saffron solution implements strategies and technology to coordinate and maximize the efforts of a practice for patient reactivation.
We are proactive about updating patient’s database of names, demographic information, birthdays and upcoming appointments. Getting names right and celebrating birthdays builds rapport with customers. Remembering details about their history with your practice increases your ability to reach out to patients before it’s too late.