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the Saffron Solutions’s HIPAA-certified multilingual team is focused on the following areas to increase patient engagement and patient retention.


According to Amanda Le’s LinkedIn writeup, Patient Reactivation: Strategies, Tips, and Best Practices.

“Losing a patient is costly. While most businesses agree it is cheaper to retain customers than find new ones, and only 30 percent apply effective strategies to win back lost customers.”


the Saffron Solution believes it’s beneficial to retain or reactivate patients who know the provider and have already experienced services. Hence marketing to new patients is essential but retaining the existing and reactivating lost patients who are already at the bottom of the sales funnel is one of the lower-hanging fruits.

the Saffron Solution-Success Through Persistent Reactivation Calls

Graph – the Saffron Solution: Success Through Persistent Reactivation Calls
The above graphical simulation of a typical reactivation.


According to Duxware, “Medical practices can run a serious risk if their patients are not recalled for follow-up as required by medical protocols and, just as important, also lose revenues.”

Patient retention and patient engagement

the Saffron Solution team understands that patient retention and patient engagement are crucial for the success of any medical practice. furthermore, digital and personal engagement with patients requires persistent and consistent engagement by a multilingual team, which requires dedicated, affordable human resources and a robust technology stack.

Cipherhealth’s blog titled Reduce No-Shows with Appointment Reminders states, “In recognizing patients’ preferred language and communication channel, also you can increase engagement and ensure patients get the information they need (e.g., pre-visit instructions) when they need it.”

Human reminders

As per the Saffron Solution’s industry experience, timely human reminders vs. just automated solutions significantly reduce appointment cancellations. consequently, this helps a practice manage expenses and efficiently use the provider’s expensive hourly costs when patients don’t show up for appointments.

We customize engagement for every practice and use data to drive decision-making for an outcomes-driven operational strategy.

No Shows/Cancelled

A practice incurs huge monetary loss when patients cancel or no show for their appointment.

the Saffron Solution - No Shows and Cancelled

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Practicebuilder blog states, “Doctors lose their valuable time every time a patient decides to default. It may not sound so terrible, but in the world where time is money, missed appointments are more than just inconvenience”

the Saffron Solution team proactively engages with patients with our dedicated HIPAA-certified multilingual team to increase patient show-up rates. 

Missed/Abandoned Calls

Unicomcorp article amplifies, “Missing phone calls is poor customer service for which businesses pay a heavy price. NewVoiceMedia’s 2018 “Serial Switchers” report says businesses lose $75 billion a year from poor customer service.”

the Saffron Solution team is dedicated to calling back any lost calls within the least possible turnaround time. 

Surgery Scheduling

To build a practice’s credibility and reputation with the surgery centers, the Saffron Solution team has enabled technology solutions that not only streamline the overall surgery scheduling process with a practice’s internal stakeholders,as well as including front and back-office team, also the billing team and external stakeholders like the surgery center staff. 

the Saffron Solution uses proprietary and customized Kanban boards to ensure transparency, and quality control to increase stakeholder engagement and collaboration.

the Saffron Solution's Customized Kanban Boards for Surgery Scheduling 

the Saffron Solution - Patient Care and Engagement