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CUSTOMIZED CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE amplifies that a customer relationship management (CRM) cloud software: CRM is an excellent tool that allows companies to increase not only their customer satisfaction but also their efficiency and profits.

At the Saffron Solution, we like to call a CRM a Patient Relationship Management (PRM) or a Referring Provider Management (RRM) software. Needless to say at the very heart of every medical practice is the “patient”. 

Customer relationship management (CRM)

A CRM is not a practice management application (PM application)! A PRM is also not an EHR (Electronic Health Record). Neither is a CRM just a text messaging tool like a lot of medical offices are sold.

A CRM is an ecosystem that is the single most important repository that will map your data and patient’s journey and patient engagement with your practice. 

So, what do these relationship management softwares do and how can they benefit a medical practice?
And how can you build and automate these systems while practicing medicine and running your practice? 


  • Enhanced customized automated communication in one ecosystem that maps the entire patient journey.
  • Automated customized patient education based on medical diagnosis. 
  • Measured patient engagement through data analytics and automation.
  • Less dependency on US-based front or back office staff. 
  • Enhanced proactive patient care. 
  • Patient retention.
  • Higher ratings on social media and Google reviews.
  • Significantly enhances administrative tasks.

According to, when does a customer (patient) leave a medical practice and move to another business? 

Graph - when does a customer leave a business? Graph Courtesy:

the Saffron Solution team has years of operational experience running a medical practice. We understand the nuances and importance of deeply engaging with patients. Our team will design and maintain a custom solution for your practice that promises to keep your patients as well as referring providers engaged. Additionally, as a practice owner, you have all the information you need at the touch of a button.

Customized Patient Relationship Management - the Saffron Solution