Medical Practice Staff Burn Out

Staff Burnout in Medical Practices Costs Significantly

Physicians all over the United States are stressed and on the verge of burnout.

The JAMANetwork recently measured outcomes of a survey that concluded, “Surveys measured time pressure, chaos, work control, teamwork, electronic health record use, values alignment, satisfaction, Physician burnout…”

The AMA (American Medical Association) also concluded in a study that “Good teamwork refers to not only team member camaraderie and a positive team culture, but also solid team-based care workflows that allow for efficient task-sharing and minimizing nonpatient-facing tasks for clinicians.”

With rising inflationary pressures, the front office is not only hard to replace or find but graduating “externs” now demand payment for their industry externships.

Moreover, long hours, multi-tasking, Lead management, patient frustration, non-stop calls, prescription refills, referring provider faxes, payment collection, insurance approvals, and endless wait times for PPO insurance to answer authorization and verification calls, leaves the front office staff frustrated, under-appreciated, and burned out.

Also, the shifting priorities of people post-pandemic, where people are looking for work-life harmony, leaving medical practice owners with their hands tied behind their backs.

So, what can physician-owned practices do to lower costs and increase revenue while making patient care their highest priority?

There is not only brand dilution of the years of hard work that has gone into building practice but, the opportunity costs are extremely high

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